We are yes.

We are fillers of gaps. Creators of solutions.
We stretch donations further. We make a difference.

We are the only foundation that addresses the needs of Brookline as a whole.

Fulfilling the promise of opportunity for all neighbors. Spotlighting community needs, inspiring philanthropy, awarding strategic grants where they’re needed most? Yes.



The Brookline Community Foundation creates opportunity and promotes equity through the transformative power of giving.


Our History: The names have changed; the dedication remains the same.


Women are active in the temperance movement in Massachusetts.

They organize and incorporate the Brookline Friendly Society in 1905, providing  both health and social services for Brookline's neediest residents for much of 20th century.



The Society became the parent organization for Family Services of Brookline and Brookline Visiting Nurses Service.


The Society renamed itself the Brookline Community Fund and provided small grants to the community.

The Brookline Community Fund is renamed the Brookline Community Foundation to reflect its expanded mission.



The Foundation was Recognized for complying with the National Standards for United States Community Foundations by the Community Foundations National Standards Board.