Our List of Current Funds

Brookline Community Foundation partners with numerous donors and organizations to create funds benefiting the Brookline community. Grants are professionally administered and formally evaluated for effectiveness. 

You can contribute to these existing funds or establish a fund of your own.

Wondering where to make a contribution? Consider a gift to one of the following funds:

Brookline-Community-Foundation-Brookline Community Foundation Fund for Brookline.png

Brookline Community Foundation Fund for Brookline (unrestricted)

This unrestricted fund allows Brookline Community Foundation to award discretionary grants that help carry out our mission.

Type: Designated

Brookline-Community-Foundation-Scholarship Fund for Brookline High School.png

BCF Scholarship Fund for Brookline High School

This endowed designated fund allows Brookline Community Foundation, in collaboration with Brookline High School and Town of Brookline, to help Brookline High School students who have a financial need with scholarships to pursue their dream of a post-secondary or college education. Read more >

Type: Designated

Brookline-Community-Foundation-Safety Net Fund.png

BCF Safety Net Fund

This fund allows Brookline Community Foundation to provide temporary emergency assistance, such as food vouchers, money for back rent or fuel bills and extraordinary expenses such as moving costs, transportation costs for job seekers, or essential furniture, to Brookline residents in times of financial crisis and unexpected need and to support pathways to economic security. Read more >

Type: Designated

Additional Funds

BCF Rapid Response Fund

This fund allows Brookline Community Foundation to address short-term, emergency needs in our community in the aftermath of a disaster or other unforeseen event - the most common is residents displaced by fires. Read more >

Type: Restricted

Blyth Family Fund

To support the health and welfare of children from low-income families in Brookline.

Type: Field of Interest
Year included: 2012

Brookline Tuberculosis and Health Society Fund

To provide grants to the town’s Health and Human Services Department and non-profits working to improve the health and wellbeing of Brookline residents.

Type: Field of Interest

Brookline Youth Fund

To provide equal access to opportunities for underserved Brookline youth.

Type: Donor Advised

Emily Novick Fund for Teens

To support the enrichment of teens who live or go to school in Brookline.

Type: Field of Interest

Environmental Stewardship Fund

To support environmental programs that benefits Brookline and surrounding areas.

Type: Field of Interest

Flip and toddy mason family fund for brookline’s neediest

To provide emergency assistance for Brookline’s financially neediest people.

Type: Field of Interest

Friends of Brookline Recreation Fund

To allow the Friends of Brookline Recreation to achieve their goals to provide equitable recreation opportunities, to provide financial aid for recreation programs, to provide awareness for Brookline Recreation as well as the Friends.

Type: Designated

Fund for Young Children

To provide scholarships and other necessary supports for early childhood education and afterschool care in Brookline.

Type: Field of Interest

Harold Brown Scholarship Fund

To award BHS graduating seniors who are in good standing academically and who have financial need with scholarships to pursue post-secondary education, including those who want to attend vocational education or technical programs approved by the Brookline High School Scholarship Committee.

Type: Scholarship

Hoppin Family Fund

To respond to varied and changing needs of the community

Type: Unrestricted

Jennifer Lynch Fund

To support forums on domestic violence awareness and education and to help maintain the Peace Garden in Brookline.

Type: Fiscal Sponsor

Lauren Dunne Astley Fund

To enable young children from low-income families to attend the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP).

Type: Designated

NETA fund

To support health and wellness in Brookline.

Type: Field of Interest

Thomas P. Hennessey Scholarship Fund

To award scholarship(s) to and support a student(s) who has financial need and who exemplifies some or all of the key characteristics of Thomas P. Hennessey.

Type: Scholarship

Vaule Fund for Art and Culture

To support arts and culture related initiatives that are undertaken by BCF.

Type: Field of Interest