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We want to help you make giving easy. We are here to help you decide if creating a fund is right for you.


One funder's story

I had a moment of reflection before my 60th birthday. I’d been lucky in so many ways, especially as a single mother. But I knew about other women in my situation and understand that many of them really suffer. I wrote to my sons and said, ‘For my birthday I am going to give myself a gift. I am going to create a fund at the Brookline Community Foundation to assist single mothers. If you’re worrying about what to give me, come in with me, give what you can.’ I did not need to be a millionaire to be able to leave a legacy. It’s been very empowering.

- Hsiu-Lan Chang, Brookline resident


It’s easy to create a fund that meets personal philanthropy goals.

We’re happy to partner with individuals or professional advisors.

I'm ready to get started. What do I do now? What type of Fund should I create?

Determine which assets will be used (cash and publicly traded securities are the easiest ways to make charitable gifts), at what level you wish to give, and make arrangements with the our Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Amory, to begin. More questions? Find our FAQ here.